Hotel LeRoi

Hotel LeRoi

Project Credits
Marianne Hyde, Stas Zakrzewski
Project Team
Caroline Couturier, Jawnuta Di Sclafani, Kevin Teague

The Hotel LeRoi is a boutique hotel that simultaneously adds much needed entertainment and gathering space to this formerly industrial area of the city. The scheme re-imagines the typical plinth-and-tower scenario as a splicing together of high-end hotel functions with a huge multi-purpose, raised and tiered event space.

This tiered space allows for “stadium” style views of the river while serving as a means of organizing the various programs happening on the plinth. While the primary program is a roof-top restaurant, there is a balance between indoor and outdoor seating which allows for year-round operation. Additionally, this seating is varied to create more conventional table seating as well as a series of variously scaled, more casual “lounge” areas.

Designed for viability as an investment instrument, the hotel rooms turn the constraints of standard flat-slab construction into a design amenity, with each room having a dressing table, bureau, and/or seating integrated into the window wall. Additionally, the curtain walls are calibrated in a manner to allow for the blending of high-end materials where they will be seen up close with matching lower cost materials where they will only be seen from a distance.


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