Kingswood School

Kingswood School

We have developed a modern, energy efficient and inspired school building with the dual purpose of an educational facility and community center. The Kingswood School was developed to meet Passive House design criteria.

The skin of the building is comprised of a sealed super insulated interlocking rigid metal cladding system. Custom sun shading devices project from the building without interrupting the thermal performance of the skin. Optional wood trim can be applied to the inboard face of the sun shading device for aesthetic variation.

The interior palette is comprised of common sense low-tech sustainable materials. The walls are exposed concrete block with tooled mortar. Colour would be introduced as matter of program wherein walls ceilings and floors may be coated with paint or resin. The notion of nature is carried through in the main atrium space with panelized wood and at the interior window trim wherein wood may also be used.

The design provides for high U-value walls, roofs and ground floor slabs, no thermal bridges (below PH standards), low air infiltration (less than .3 ACH at 50 Pascal), as well as the incorporation of ventilation with energy recovery. The Passive House Institute has documented that incorporating ventilation to these standards reduces the Co2 levels to within 1200-1500 ppm.


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