Passive House Mixed-Use Condo

Passive House Mixed-Use Condo

Project Credits
Stas Zakrzewski, Marianne Hyde
Project Team
Deniz Secilmis, Ryan Revilla, Marcello Pacheco, Avery Gray
Structural Engineer
Robert Silman Associates
P.A. Collins P.E

This complex project involved the conversion of an existing five-story loft structure into a ten-story high-end residential building that meets Passive House Enerphit Standards. Retrofitting the existing building required working with a wide variety of existing conditions. This posed a unique challenge in creating a continuous passive house building envelope.

ZH’s expertise in high performance detailing allowed for innovative solutions to these problems resulting in a continuous thermal and air barrier across the building envelope. The ZH design team further ensured minimal thermal breaks throughout the facade which allowed for a minimal amount of insulation and maximum interior square footage.

The passive house design aspects of 465 Washington Street provide not only energy and cost savings, but also increased occupant well-being and comfort. Precisely designed energy recovery ventilators provide high quality air as well as energy savings. Efficiently sized mechanical systems allow for more sellable real estate as well as maximized ceiling heights. High performance windows and shading devices admit ample natural sunlight while minimizing glare and overheating.

Construction slated for early 2017.


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