About ZH and Passive House

At ZH we wholeheartedly embrace sustainable design, seamlessly integrating it into our work. Our combined hands-on experience, continued research, training and advocacy work, positions us at the forefront of Passive House design in New York City.

Full Range of Services

Thanks to our close association with the field, ZH is able to provide a full suite of passive house design services in office, eliminating the need for external contractors. Our services include PHPP modeling, energy analysis, thermal bridge analysis and simulation, thermal bridge free detailing, blower door testing, infrared imaging and building science based retrofits.

Hands on Experience

ZH are involved in many aspects of passive house design. We have several Passive House projects both in design and under construction. Among our staff we have two Passive House certified consultants and a Passive House certified trades-person.

Advocacy and Research

At ZH we position ourselves at the vanguard of energy efficient building in NYC, not only designing but also advocating for higher standards in building practice throughout the city. We pair this advocacy with tireless internal research, insuring that we are constantly afoot of cutting edge developments in building technology, materials and products.

Learn More

There are several great resources online where you can learn more about the Passive House house movement and how it benefits both you and society at large.

Passive House in Plain English & More – A comprehensive blog written without technical jargon which gives both a great introduction and a comprehensive overview into Passive House building.

International Passive House Association – A great site for getting a good beginners overview of why Passive House is so important.

NYPH – A non-profit, New York based Passive House community. With information on Passive House and upcoming events in the city.

NESEA – The Northeast Sustainable Energy Association a organization that promotes sustainable building practice.