Net Zero House Prototype v. 3.0

Net Zero House Prototype v. 3.0

This prototype house explores the enormous potential for using passive house techniques for everyday construction since local and national codes are being implemented currently to support more energy efficient building practices. It is a common misconception that environmentally conscious construction requires the buildings aesthetics to be compromised.

We have designed a house prototype that adheres to rigid guidelines in an effort to essentially cut the homeowner’s net energy usage (and costs) to zero, while also upholding a certain acute attention to contemporary detail in its design, composition, and aesthetic. Aside from its positive impact on our nation’s now-overstretched energy capabilities, simply put, the Net Zero House Prototype v. 3.0 shines light to a home-buying (or home-building) consumer in an era where energy usage and costs have finally entered both domestic and international conversation. Within the next decade or so, for reasons both financial and pragmatic, the average American homebuyer will begin to take such things more seriously: energy usage, energy costs, and their overall impact on the environment.

Designed at $200 per square foot, this modern house features large window openings that connect the interior with the surrounding outdoors.


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