Riverside Drive

Riverside Drive

This 1915 masonry building on the Upper West Side of Manhattan is currently undergoing an extensive master plan review of its fa├žades, interior systems, and windows. Z+H has been working with the coop board and managing agent to develop a strategy of repairs for the 36-unit mixed use building. The budget covers terracotta replacement and repairs, extensive masonry work, new roof installation as well as beam reinforcement and replacement within the interior apartments. The project also includes fire review and restoration services as well as an energy upgrade by way of window replacement and insulation work.

Master plan services include:

  • Project planning and budgeting – Including long and short term timelines and financial resource allocation
  • Performance and compliance review and assessment of existing building – Including plumbing, electrical, heating, structural, window, wall and roof assemblies
  • Detailed inspections and evaluations – Sound testing, building probing and reporting
  • Bidding and construction management – Documentation for bidding and construction phases including complete drawings, specifications, and project manuals as well as weekly site visits and reports during construction.


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